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If a song has you ‘doo doo be dooing’ within seconds on the very first listen, you know it is doing something right. In Our Parents Eyes does that and more, the new single from singer/songwriter Nish Goyal one boisterously and seriously magnetic slice of indie/folk revelry. There is also a scent of punk to the song’s highly flavoursome stroll which again simply adds to its attitude.

Within less than a handful of breaths the song has voice and hips involved in its anthemic doo doos as mentioned ealier. A first strum of guitar provides the spark before becoming a persistent companion to a growing flirtation of rhythms and a net of spicy, slightly bluesy melodic enterprise which follows.

In voice Goyal is just as welcoming; his snappy delivery like an old mate ready to re-ignite fun whilst sharing the songwriter’s own experiences of growing up in the UK with Indian parents and the conflict rising within trying to be a musician whilst trying to please his family with a more academic career.

Like a mix of Glenn Hodge, Flogging Molly, and Billy Bragg, the track is a spirit raising, thought sparking romp which has all the qualities to nudge the name Nish Goyal towards bigger spotlights.

In Our Parents Eyes is the debut single from the upcoming album 'Under a Tree'


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Previous events


Nish Goyal- In Bloom Festival Barrow-in-Furness

Summer dates! 

Hey everyone!! 


Had a friend knock up a poster for my summer dates confirmed so far! Also, hope you enjoy the new logo design!

On a sidenote, I'll be playing the Forest Sessions stage at 2000 Trees this year on the Friday morning but I also have a confirmed set at STAGE (the busking stage at the entrance by the big 2000 Trees sign!!) on Saturday night as well as set a at Camp Turner but I haven't confirmed what night yet on that! You'll hear it here first though!




I am EXTREMELY proud to announce I will be playing the one and only Glastonbury Festival this year! Whats more I will be doing TWO sets!! I'm booked to play the Croissant Neuf Bandstand in the Glades area of the festival site on the Friday afternoon and then the Saturday night!

In other news I am in the final stages of having a new CD done up with all my singles I've released on. This won't be available on online retaikers exvept for here, and at gigs!


As I Am realeased! 

hey all!

just to let you know that the new single 'As I Am' is now out on all streaming and download sites!!! 


2000 Trees announcement  

GOOD NEWS!!! I'm extremely proud to announce that I will be playing the Forest Sessions stage this year at 2000 Trees! Furthermore it'll be a full band performance! In other news, it's been a busy time gigging promoting the single sleep at night and now we are getting ready to launch the next single 'as i am' so keep an ear out for that! 

New Single Out 

Hi everyone! Just a quick one to let you know the new single 'Sleep at Night' is now out on all major retailers and streaming sites!!! You can also stream in on this site of course! As a little treat, heres the artwork in glorious super sharp resolution!!

Exciting news! 

Been a while as I have started a songwriting degree at BIMM Manchester... but thats not the big news...

I'm opening for Sex Pistols man Glen Matlock at Manchester's Deaf Institute on Wednesday 30th November!!!!!! Cannot describe how proud and happy I am!

What an AMAZING tour! 

Well well well! It's been a while and been a....FULL...few months! So firstly we launched the 1st single from the upcoming album on 11th March in Liverpool followed by gigs around the country including Oxford, London's legendary Nambucca, Northampton, Leicester, Bournemouth, Manchester, Newcastle and of course my hometown Chester. Each and every set was memorable in it's own way, from sets where the crowd took over the singing to ones where 4 people showed up and we had a lock in until 5am!

Indeed many of you may have noticed that we started out as a 5 piece and ended as a 2 piece, with varying numbers of band members at various gigs...this was because we were using National Express and Trains for most the tour thanks to complications with driving licences and an unfortunate incident but nonetheless we had a BLAST on the road! It's amazing how you very quickly learn all about your bandmates when yo are stuck on a bus together for 9 hours.

Infact our darkest hour came when we had to board a coach at 8am from Chester to get to Leicester, where after we sopundchecked and played our gig we immediately jumped on a night bus back to Chester. Having arrived back to Chester at 5am we proceeded to stumble to our homes for a 2 hour nap before boarding ANOTHER coach at 8am to go to Bristol to play! And like sado-maschocists instead of SLEEPING after the set we went partying until 3am!

Happily for the last part of the tour we had a car so all was well and we entered festival season in high spirits. Our performances at Bath International Music Festival was garnished with a photo shoot with BBC Bristol and then we hit In Bloom Fest, 2000 Trees, Chester Live Festival and Conwy Connect during some GLORIOUS weather.


Sorry it's been a while! 

Hey all so sorry it's been so long! So much to tell you in any case.... Firstly I have been locked `way in the studio working on the new album which is progressing brilliantly! Hopefully vocals will be done in the next few weeks. 
Meanwhile, the first single 'In Our Parent's Eyes' is now out!!!!! It's available on all major retail and stream sites and as usual you can hit up the links on my homepage to iTunes and what not.

The other thing that has been going on is that I have been organising a tour with the awesome Cherry Valentine Promotions and have dates around the country to announce in the coming days. Even better is that a lot of these dates will be with a band that I have been rehearsing with solidly for a while so get ready to rock out!!!!

More posts to come regularly now that things are coming together!

My final post of the year 

Merry Christmas all!!! It has been an excellent year on planet Nish and I can confirm in the last few days I have signed with the legendary Blue Soap Music for my PR campaign next year. In other news the first single from "Under a Tree" will be out on 11th March. Recording on the album is going sterling and I can't wait till you all get to hear what I have been doing.

I would also like to say a special thanks to everyone who has joined the effort or listened to my music and to all those involved with the recording, production and promotion.

Merry Christmas everyone!

What a week! 

Well, it has been a truly chaotic week. I have been hunkered down in the studio for the best part and am pleased to be able to say that drums, accoustic guitars and bass is now recorded for all my songs on the new album. Unfortunately t I still have to write and record electric guitars, mandolins, banjo, harmonica, lead guitar, saxophone and violin parts as well as record vocals so still a LOT to do.

In other news I have been busy applying for festivals for next summer as well as trying to blag radio play. To that end I have recorded an interview with Deeside radio which will be going out on Fri 4th December along with a few spins of my song 'Get Started@ and a brand new song!!

Anywey I think that is all for now!

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