What an AMAZING tour!

Well well well! It's been a while and been a....FULL...few months! So firstly we launched the 1st single from the upcoming album on 11th March in Liverpool followed by gigs around the country including Oxford, London's legendary Nambucca, Northampton, Leicester, Bournemouth, Manchester, Newcastle and of course my hometown Chester. Each and every set was memorable in it's own way, from sets where the crowd took over the singing to ones where 4 people showed up and we had a lock in until 5am!

Indeed many of you may have noticed that we started out as a 5 piece and ended as a 2 piece, with varying numbers of band members at various gigs...this was because we were using National Express and Trains for most the tour thanks to complications with driving licences and an unfortunate incident but nonetheless we had a BLAST on the road! It's amazing how you very quickly learn all about your bandmates when yo are stuck on a bus together for 9 hours.

Infact our darkest hour came when we had to board a coach at 8am from Chester to get to Leicester, where after we sopundchecked and played our gig we immediately jumped on a night bus back to Chester. Having arrived back to Chester at 5am we proceeded to stumble to our homes for a 2 hour nap before boarding ANOTHER coach at 8am to go to Bristol to play! And like sado-maschocists instead of SLEEPING after the set we went partying until 3am!

Happily for the last part of the tour we had a car so all was well and we entered festival season in high spirits. Our performances at Bath International Music Festival was garnished with a photo shoot with BBC Bristol and then we hit In Bloom Fest, 2000 Trees, Chester Live Festival and Conwy Connect during some GLORIOUS weather.


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