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If a song has you ‘doo doo be dooing’ within seconds on the very first listen, you know it is doing something right. In Our Parents Eyes does that and more, the new single from singer/songwriter Nish Goyal one boisterously and seriously magnetic slice of indie/folk revelry. There is also a scent of punk to the song’s highly flavoursome stroll which again simply adds to its attitude.

Within less than a handful of breaths the song has voice and hips involved in its anthemic doo doos as mentioned ealier. A first strum of guitar provides the spark before becoming a persistent companion to a growing flirtation of rhythms and a net of spicy, slightly bluesy melodic enterprise which follows.

In voice Goyal is just as welcoming; his snappy delivery like an old mate ready to re-ignite fun whilst sharing the songwriter’s own experiences of growing up in the UK with Indian parents and the conflict rising within trying to be a musician whilst trying to please his family with a more academic career.

Like a mix of Glenn Hodge, Flogging Molly, and Billy Bragg, the track is a spirit raising, thought sparking romp which has all the qualities to nudge the name Nish Goyal towards bigger spotlights.

In Our Parents Eyes is the debut single from the upcoming album 'Under a Tree'


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